Find yours

Today a man approached me at the park as I was walking the dogs and told me he can’t sleep.
He is a refugee from Myanmar (Burma) and arrived in Australia in May 2016.
He has family here, but very little English to communicate with the anybody else.
For the last month he hasn’t been able to sleep at night.
He has been to the hospital and taken medication but it has not helped him.
I tried my best to explain how to get to the doctors clinic, and told him to take his medicare card.
I asked his name and gave him mine and we talked about playing soccer.
I told him that I hoped to see him again at the park sometime soon.
I cried the whole way home.
My heart hurts for this man who has to approach strangers in the park to try to receive the support he needs.
My heart hurts for everyone in the world who is struggling with their mental health.
This weekend we lost a friend to his long term battle with his mental health.
His life became too much to bare and he couldn’t see any other way out.
He was a wonderful man with a cheerful cheeky smile and a kind heart.
He will be sorely missed by all of his family and friends.
I studied Psychology at university because in year 12 I thought it was an interesting subject.
I now know that I studied Psychology because I can’t possibly exist in this world without helping alleviate the struggles that others face.
This is the thing that I can’t not do.
Find yours.

Get back to your roots

Take a wander along an overgrown path.
Find flowers and fungi and ponder their beauty.
Watch ants carve the perfect path in their thousands.
Find fallen trees and count their rings.
Listen to the birds overhead whistle and call.
Feel your heart beat faster as you climb hills.
Jump over and in streams.
Watch the clouds overhead and find patterns.
Trace your name into the dirt.
Sit under the cover of a big tree.
Find hiding spots and forget everything else.
Let the beauty of the world overwhelm you.


Photos taken at Yosemite National Park, 2017.


An ode to Autumn

Autumn leaves lay scattered,
Upon the forest floor,
Their hues of red and orange,
Beckon me out the door.
The earth is damp beneath my feet,
Sending sweet chills up my spine,
But I bury them even further,
Into this earth of mine.
The trees reach far above me,
Announcing their love to the sky,
Telling stories of a different time,
Before both you and I.
I breathe in clear, I breathe in deep,
The world slows down around me,
I remember now theres nothing more,
Than learning just to be.
Our mamma she surrounds us,
There is nothing to fear,
Close your eyes and stay a while,
You’ll find the answers here.


Sometimes you just need to fall asleep with tears in your eyes and the pen still in your hand.

When you’re still not sure what to write or what the lesson is.

When you hide pain with jet lag and tell yourself it will all be okay under the covers at 3:43am.


You told me

I just want to

close the door

and shut you out of my life.


something is telling me

that I shouldn’t.

You told me

that you would love me forever.


now it seems as though

that was an empty promise.

You told me

that you would never hurt me.


you continue to use your anger

as a weapon against me.

You told me

one day it would all be okay.


the day is always looming

and never arriving.

You told me

it was never your fault.


who else was it.


Another form of connection

The title of my blog is inspired by an interaction I recently had with a man on the train.

It was a chilly night, and I was heading into the city to visit the Queen Victoria night markets and catch up with an old friend. Just as I pulled my headphones out, and prepared to get off at Flinders Street Station a man who was walking along the train stopped right next to me, looked me dead in the eyes and said ‘The magic lies between you and I’. It was a strange interaction, but one that stuck with me for days.

‘He walks along the cold streets, attracting nothing more than a nervous glance.

He doesn’t ask much in return.

The magic lies between you and I.

He says as he looks you in the eye.

Maybe a laugh or a stare.

Something to wake you up.

Make you look up.

Its okay he’s not all there.

She says and puts it to the back of her mind.

But I. I can’t seem to forget that pause.

Was there something more?

Declared insane by the mundane.

But he understands more than you or I.

Its just another form of connection.’